Want to supercharge your conversions by copy and pasting one line of code?

"New 24-in-1 Conversion Platform Gives You More Sales, Traffic & Leads...with no technical skills Or Complicated Setup!
You Can Be Up & Running In 1 Minute!"

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The lifeblood of every website, sales page or offer is traffic.


You work hard to get traffic to your page....


You work hard to convert the traffic on your page....


Now it’s time to work smarter.


You’ve done the hard work to get that traffic to your page, now you want to get the most out of it that you possibly can.


If you could add something to your marketing pages in 1 minute that can lead to more sales and conversions from the exact same traffic and no extra work, that’d be pretty smart, right?


What if you could add 1 simple line of code that has the power to transform your conversions and results, all without a single extra visitor… that something you’d be interested in?

Same traffic, more results... sounds like something everyone needs, right? 

Now you can do all that and more our brand new app, Bringie!


There are no OTOs, upgrade, upsells or downsells. Just one unbeatable deal with no recurring subscription for a limited time!

We know everyone wants to work smarter, and what could be smarter than letting Bringie do the heavy lifting for you?

Bringie is our new 24-in-1 conversion boosting platform that lets you add everything from live sales and visitor notifications to timer based popups, optins, special offers and more

Add it all to any page you want, all in the shortest time possible and with no extra skill.

You can even use Bringie to get things like customer feedback, ratings and testimonials.



There's no extra “work” other than copy and pasting one line of code to your page. That’s it! No technical skill is required, no developers are needed.


In a few minutes, you can easily add one of our 24 conversions widgets to any page, whether it’s on wordpress, kickpages, shopify or even a regular HTML site.


Bringie takes the effort out of it and is completely beginner friendly - no need for a developer or to go back and forth with support. If you can copy and paste, you can add this.

Social Proof marketing is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your results....and the stats don’t lie.

Our research shows:


Adding a simple “live on site” resulted in an 8% conversions increase.

An “X user just signed up” resulted in a 15% conversion increase.


With the power of the 24 different social proof widgets we give you, you can even add customer reviews, and these reviews have been show to add a 30% conversion increase.


If using Bringie added even 1 single solitary extra sale to your page, it has more than paid for itself.


The proof is there, forged by real world use and traffic….not a theory or some experiment.

If you go to any e-commerce site now, it’s almost a certainty you are going to see similar conversion notifications like what we provide with Bringie.


This isn’t by coincidence.

These notifications work and Bringie lets you add them in 1 line of code, as easy as "copy and paste".


The conversion elements you see on pages now increase sales by a huge amount.

It’s no longer a case of “should I add these to my page?” but “how can I not add these to my page?”

Serious about sales?


Crazy for conversions?


Pushing for profit?


“Yes…..of course!” I hear you say, which begs the question…...can you afford not to add conversion widgets to your marketing pages?


My answer is a resounding “no!”


….and if we were another big subscription platform, this is where the pain would start for you as you realise the tool you know you need sits behind a fat monthly or annual subscription fee


Well cast those worries aside.


We have a special deal for a limited time for our existing customers.

Unlike other platforms that charge you a painful monthly subscription, we’ve made Bringie available with a special unlimited price for all our existing customers before we bring this out to the public.

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the beautiful conversion widgets we have sitting waiting, ready for you to add to your pages, funnels and sites. (psst…...we are even gonna give you commercial rights so you can use these with clients!)

(click element to see preview)

Informational Bar

Fully customizable info bar for the top or bottom.


Compact widget with an image of your choice.

Collector Bar

Collect emails or leads without distracting users.

Coupon Bar

Top or bottom simple bar to give your visitors coupons.

Button Bar

Top or bottom bar to promote anything.

Modal Collector

Collect leads with a nice looking and big modal.

Modal Two Collector

Collect leads with a slick, large modal popup.

Call to action

Raise awareness and cta with a nice looking modal.

Text Feedback

Collect better and straight forward insight from users.

Engagement Links

Display a subtle widget which contains promo links.


Fully customizable info message for your users.


Perfect to let users know that you are running a sale.

Live Counter

Show how many people are visiting to boost conversions

Email Collector

Easily collect email leads from your users.

Latest Conversion

Establish social proof by displaying recent sales.

Conversions Counter

Establish proof by showing recent conversion numbers.


Easily display a subtle widget with a video.

Social Share

Share widgets to help generate more traffic.

Random Review

Show testimonials to create social proof.

Emoji Feedback

Let users to give you feedback about your site.

Cookie Notification

Notify your users that you are using cookies.

Score Feedback

Simple way for your users to give you a score feedback.

Request Collector

Let users give suggestions with request collector.

Countdown Collector

Create urgency and capture leads with a countdown.

A lot of these widgets could be a whole app all on their own, but we give you all 24 in bringie.


There is no upsells, no limitations, nothing extra to buy. What yous ee on this page is a truly unbeatable deal, and it is only available for a limited time.

And don't worry....although Bringie gives you an advanced marketing capability, installing these notifications can be done in 3 simple steps anyone can do!

Step 1: create


Create your campaign in bringie

Step 2: edit


Create your notification, edit the content and turn it on

Step 3: publish


Add one line of code to your page...that's it!

….and just because it is easy to set up and install, don’t make the mistake of thinking Bringie is limited in what it can do……

Bringie also comes with detailed stats and analytcis so you can fully assess the impact of every notification you want to use.

You can even use Bringie to capture data sent to your campaign for things like live sales conversions, opt-ins and live visitors.

The power of Bringie is unrivalled, and it can transform the results of the exact same traffic to your page in only one line of code.


Bringie is the conversion tool you can set up and let do it’s thing. All you have to do is watch those conversion %’s go up!

Other platforms like Proof charge $79 a month for just a fraction of what Bringie does.


Because we are rolling this out to our own existing customers, we want to reward you and for that reason, we are not going to charge you a monthly or even an annual fee for Bringie.


No, instead…..we are giving you a one-time price unlimited deal for Bringie.

Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Notifications
Unlimited Traffic
Commercial Rights

Not only that, we are giving you a full commercial rights account that lets you bring the power of conversion improvement to your clients and customers.


To top it off, you can create unlimited Bringie campaigns, and Bringie is fully compatible with nearly every platform you can think of.


Simply log in, create and get started today.


….you can even integrate it directly with your LIVE sales and conversion data, external marketing apps and more!


When you sign up today, here’s everything you get:


Unlimited Campaigns


Unlimited Notifications


Unlimited Traffic


24 template types


One-time deal pricing


Commercial Rights


Notification triggers


Customization options


Detailed stats


Conversion tracker


Custom branding

Plus loads more!

Because we want to overdeliver to our customers, we couldn’t let you come in and sign up for Bringie and leave just with the discount…..we also wanted to supercharge what you can do with Bringie by giving you these high grade bonuses.


Bonus 1:

agency website to sell it

Bringie is a great platform to offer as a service to clients, especially as you can turn their campaigns off and on from your central dashboard.


This website templates makes it even easier to advertise your service.


Bonus 2:

fb ad templates to advertise it

Next, you need to advertise your service so we have created thes e FB Ad templates you can edit and use as your own, to attract traffic and leads.


Bonus 3:

email follow up sequence

When you get new leads, you need to follow up with them and look to sell your service. For this, we are including our email follow up sequence.


Bonus 4:


You'll need a slick logo to help with your own branding when you offer Bringie campaigns, so we have a huge collection of 100 logo templates complete with source files.

You can even edit these and sell them to clients, or use them as a bonus to help get someone to sign up for a Bringie campaign!

You can sign up to our Unlimited Deal for a limited one time price right now, until the timer expires. Once it does, we will be raising the price and eventually taking this to a subscription model.

Here's everything you get today:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimied Notifications
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 24 Notification Templates
  • Commercial Rights
  • Removable Branding
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 1 Minute Installation
  • 30 Day money back guarantee


FLASH SALE: $20 off when you use code B20

Enter your name, email then click the paypal button to buy now and get instant access

Bringie Lifetime Account

And to give you absolute certainty that Bringie will be a great addition to your business, try it risk free for 30 days.


If for any reason you decide Bringie is not for you, simple email support for a hassle free refund.

We hope you enjoy the growth in conversions as much as we and our existing customers do.


Happy conversions!

Martin Crumlish, Bringie


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